I would recommend Process Group because we all have something to process every day, and saying it out loud helps make it manageable.  It helps me to not feel alone in the world.   Christi P. 


Process Group is life changing.  I look forward to being able to speak my mind about whatever I am struggling with that week and receive honest feedback and support.  Sometimes I’ve even able to laugh.  I always learn new things about myself and learn from other’s struggles and solutions.  



Pastoral Care gave me a space to work through my baggage and overcome some of my biggest struggles without fear of judgement.  It was exactly what I needed to become a different person. 



​​I have had my fair share of relational challenges as a child and young adult. In Process Group, I have been given the opportunity to consistently identify which parts of my life I would like to leave behind and how to develop different and more healthy practices. All of this without pressure to perform.