There are many skills that students can develop to help move them forward towards mental, emotional, and spiritual healthiness. It's important that these skills be introduced in ways that are easily digestible and make a lasting impression. Our Curricular Programs are pedagogically credible, age appropriate and thematically relevant.  Programs can be taught directly by our specialists, or we can support your staff in implementing these skills. 

Process Groups

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Building deep relationships can be hard for students who are trying to navigate the challenges that are unique to their stage of life.  It's hard to trust others with the real you when you are still figuring out who you are.  Process Groups help cut through those challenges by providing a safe place to be met just where you are.   Qualified facilitators will keep the conversation moving while students are able to own their own journey of growth, healing and connection. 

Staff & Parent Support

Classroom Lecture

Curricular Programs

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It takes special skills to walk alongside students through their journey, and those who take on this challenging task have their own need for support. Rooted's Staff & Parent Support brings tools to staff and parents, opportunities for community and connection, and avenues for them to be heard and listened to.

Pastoral Care

Private conversations can be lifechanging. Because students often feel alone, it makes a big difference to simply have someone to be in their corner, listening without judgement.

Our Pastoral Care specialists provide spiritually based, relationally-centered counseling. Pastoral care is also helpful for mediating conflict between individuals or small groups.​​​

Family Quality Time

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