Talking Back to the Enneagram

Take a look at the image below. The words listed there contain a set of ideals that people often value. Take a minute to carefully decide which value rises to the top of importance to you.

Now, head to the bottom of the article to see which enneagram number corresponds to the value that you chose.

If you have already determined your number, does it match? And if you are new to the enneagram, what do you think of the enneagram number your value corresponded with? (See the chart on for a beginner’s breakdown.)

If your number matches, that’s terrific. It means your ideal self corresponds with your understanding of your personality. If your number does not match, that’s also terrific. That means you have identified two ideals for yourself. One that is typical for someone with your enneagram and one that is personal to you during this season of life. There’s potential in exploring both options.

For myself, and many I’ve talked with, there can be a sweet spot in relation to the enneagram. This moment of clarity that comes from identifying so clearly with a specific enneagram number that is seems someone has a road map to how I operate. This is a powerful place to be. For some, this moment comes right away. For others, this moment takes time. It’s through engaging with the numbers and doing tons of self-evaluation that one rises to the tops. And for others, they are still waiting for this moment. They feel connected to more that one enneagram number and are not sure how things line up for them.

My encouragement is this : embrace the journey. The enneagram is a process of self-evaluation, conversation, and interaction with dynamic and changing information. Don’t try to fit inside a box, and don’t stress when you hear something about the number you believe yourself to be that does not fit. The enneagram doesn’t take away our ability to be uniquely ourselves, it gives us a lens to better understand our wiring. Another way of stating it: It’s not about drinking the Kool-Aid, it’s about spending time at the party.

What do you think of this chart? What has your experience been regarding the enneagram? Have you found a sweet spot? Are you new to the journey? Share in the comments.

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