A Blog about the Fog

“Yesterday was plain awful.” “You can say that again.”

Any Annie fans just sing those lines?

It’s stuck in my head today because my yesterday was plain awful. My brain was in a fog. I was extra grouchy. Everything seemed to go wrong. Every conversation was heavy and weighted. It was the worst feeling. And I couldn’t see my way out of it.

Today is a new day. The fog has lifted. But I know that sometimes we’re not so lucky. The fog can linger.

Here are three things you can do to find your way out of the fog.

1. Reach Out of the Fog.

Don’t try to defog on your own. What you need is an outside perspective to help balance the feelings that permeate your funk. Look for people that can speak positivity into your life. Look for those who can see what you can’t see. Avoid people who minimize or shame your feelings.

2. Read Out of the Fog.

If you don’t have a physical person handy, be encouraged by someone’s words. The Bible has some amazingly encouraging verses. And many authors have told their own stories or provided tools to help us see the world differently and grow our way out of the funk.

3. Refresh out of the Fog.

Reset yourself by engaging in a break. If you’re able, take the day off. Get out into the fresh air. Take an extra long nap. Or treat yourself in a smaller way. Cook something you love. Take a twenty-minute nap. You know what helps you to refresh. Give yourself permission to put yourself first.

Let’s hear from you. What helps you to get out of the fog.

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